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Syntropia Ltd

Syntropia Ltd (Reg 13704395) is a new company, formed in 2021 for the purpose of creating digital arts products in support of meaningful and worthwhile projects which have both benefits for humanity and the environment, and which promote inclusivity and the use of sustainable resources.

Syntropy vs Entropy

Syntropy and Entropy are locked in an eternal battle. Entropy is a scientific concept and is a measurable physical phenomenon that is most commonly associated with a progressively increasing state of disorder, randomness, or uncertainty. By contrast, Syntropy can not be so easily measured, however, we can observe that syntropy must exist in order for the universe we live in to be the way it is.

On Creation vs Destruction.

Nurturing and promoting sustainable and socially beneficial development will always have superior consequences for humanity, than promoting and facilitating divisive and destructive attitudes driven by fear and greed. This brings us all to the question of why we let our governments promote big and expensive wars when without a doubt far superior consequences could be achieved by big and expensive collaborative projects.


Imagine a world where instead of sending the armies of killers and machines of destruction to other people homes in distant countries, powerful governments sent armies of healers, builders and artists. It is saddening and sickening that so much effort and resource is invested in supporting destructive consciousness. What do children need from toy weapons and games that involve killing and destruction?

Digital Universe

Bringing education and entertainment to children and adults through the message of Lost in a Bluebell is an amazing opportunity. Another aspect of this project that has a strong appeal for me, is the fact that the end product will be created by a multi-talented specialist team using a variety of digital media methods culminating in an Unreal Engine project.

Other Plans

I really cannot express my amazement with Unreal Engine as well as with Blender. The extent to which these two tools have evolved over the past five years is simply astounding. Whilst I cannot presently share my future plans for the delivery of my personal work I can say I have started to prepare the foundations and hope to be able to share some material in the near future.

Up coming project – Lost in a Bluebell Wood

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Lost in a Bluebell Wood is a chamber opera that is currently in development as an interactive digital arts installation. Read more….