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Sonic Storytelling via feelings

The stories told on this website in words, music and images, all have feelings in common, although their content and stylistic conventions differ.

Laniakea Souls Journey

Self-publishing on ISSUU: Laniakea is Hawaiian and means “Immeasurable Heaven”. In astronomy The Laniakea Supercluster is the name given to our local area of know space. It is an area that is over 500 million light years across, incorporating more than 100,000 galaxies including the milky way, our solar system and everything that we can sense with our five physical senses.

Yellow Star to Pop Star, second edition, by Dorit Oliver-Wolff BEM

Book Cover Design and self-publishing on Amazon KDP.

How one young girl survived the Holocaust and became a singing sensation by Dorit Oliver-Wolff. Dorit was just four years old she sang and danced in front of the future king of Yugoslavia. By six years old she was in hiding from the German soldiers who were rounding up and transporting her fellow Jews to concentration camps around Europe. An amazing read.

Soul to Sole Health and Beauty

Redevelopment underway and soon to be ready. This is a new website with e-commerce for an existing brand.

My Mother’s Poetry self-published on Amazon KDP

Heart touching stories through my mother’s eyes

The Rainbows Child


Consultation to repair an existing website site and introduce an Art competition.

THE RAINBOW’S CHILD is a concept devised and developed by author-composer. Rexleigh Bunyard.  It is based on her stage musical script, lyrics and music of the same name, copyright-protected by DALRO.

The original eco-fantasy concept hinges on the highly accessible music which conveys ecological fantasy themes, outlined through creature and human characters  within the original storyline, and/or shorter stories derived from this concept utilising selected characters.

Vincent Franco Art
Buy Wall Art Now

Print on demand artwork and products available online through pixels.com

Requiem For the Living

Requiem for the Living is an indigenous South African musical composition for choirs, orchestra and soloists inspired by the plight of children orphaned by AIDS.

Dorit at Holocaust Memorial Day Eastbourne 2019. Image by Connor Gormley
Dorit Oliver-Wolff BEM

New website and blog for Dorit Oliver-Wolff BEM. I cant wait to see it grow as she adds her posts.

ESL Online

Online English Teachers web-service. If you are an ESL professional subscribe now to secure your name@eslonline.eu. Note that first-name-only is reserved for eslonline.eu staff.


Website for Dr Rexleigh Bunyard a highly trained as a classical performer and composer.