Everything in creation is connected – science and art; dreams and technology; magic and knowledge and so much more. Nothing exists in isolation.

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Jacaranda Twilight – Large framed image
Hibiscus Duo Mural Installed

Vincent Franco

When commenting on my varied career I am inclined to reflect on the relationship between the different things I have done, rather than the apparent superficial differences between these things. I invite you to consider that the variety of my experience adds depth and dimension to the way I solve problems.

On Mixing Oil and Water…

Art and Photography

I studied life drawing and impressionist landscape painting at the Salisbury School of Art in Zimbabwe. In 1980 I moved to Cape Town, and completed a diploma in photography in 1985 and 1986. Subsequently I worked in a private ceramics studio exploring sculpture, using mainly the human figure as inspiration.

The Healing Arts

I qualified as a State Registered Nurse in 1984 and continued to practise in a clinical setting until 1992. In 1986 the opportunity to study Industrial relations and Labour Law at University diverted me into administrative nursing roles. At that time I managed a Nursing Agency. Although I had intended to eventually study medicine, a near fatal accident redirected my ambitions towards photography and the appreciation of Beauty.

Digital Imaging.

I have worked with Digital Imaging since its birth and have found my photographic dark room experience to be a tremendous advantage. I also worked with non-linear video edit suits since before they became universally affordable in studio computers. Keeping up to date with software and hardware tools is both exciting and rewarding.

Film Production

In 1988 I started my first assignment, freelancing in motion picture and film production. My roles have included stills photography, location and unit management and production management. Productions and assignments included fashion and glamour, stills, premium brand advertising and some feature films. I continued working part-time In hospitals during the seasonal gaps between assignments.


My professional qualifications include Health Care, Human Resources Management, Programming, Digital Media Production, Real Estate and most recently Teaching English to Business Professionals. However the pursuit of beauty through art and photography remain my passion. I am currently collaborating on various digital media projects including animation, website design, self-publishing and video reportage

Life Motto

My motto has been, “Changing the way you see tomorrow” I hope the visual adventure of some of my work brings you some enjoyment. To view my showreel, which is not included on this website, please send you request via email.