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lost in a bluebell wood

An interactive digital arts installation

I have worked extensively with location film production for advertising and feature films. I know that it it sounds very exciting. However, it is hard work and getting things just right can be near impossible. There are so many things that can fail or disrupt the process, and often hostile environments add to the challenge.


Image retouching and graphics, but with just ONE condition. Never ask me for something boring please.


Yes you will need refreshments. Websites development and image or video content production takes time.


  • Define your needs together.
  • Research – Clients, Competition, Future Plans.
  • Refine goals, and develop first pitch.
  • Review and refine.


Success is a habit not an outcome. Whilst we should always endeavour to develop towards success and enjoy that success once it happens, we should never let ourselves become too comfortable. Continued success requires ongoing effort and commitment.

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It seems to me that each year the problems are the same but better solutions are needed. Personal style and choice as well as practical implications such as time a budget all play a role on the design of the end product. Let’s get talking about your needs.

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Unfortunately spammers and junk callers abuse the contact information on websites. Please let me have a detailed enquiry and I will get back to you promptly

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I am always very pleased to take on commissioned projects. Therefore, if you want professional, personal and strategically developed work that meets your needs please send me your query. This is not the same thing as bidding against the lowest budget or competing with punters on fiver, or free stock resources. I do not intend to compete with those.

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