Everything in creation is connected – science and art; dreams and technology; magic and knowledge and so much more. Nothing exists in isolation.

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Hibiscus Duo Mural Installed
Midjourney Render
Midjourney Render

Liquid Being

When commenting on my varied career I am inclined to reflect on the relationship between the different things I have done, rather than the apparent superficial differences between those things. The scope and variety of my experience adds depth and dimension to the way I solve problems and to how I do creative work. The variety of my life paths from healing sciences, to creative arts and into the deliberate and calculating world of corporate business has taught me to adjust dynamically to changing situations and demands.

On Mixing Oil and Water…

Unfortunately, one life is just not enough time to follow all the pathways that one may find interesting interest. I believe that taking the risk of following radically different career paths and developing radically different skill sets, adds both strength and dimension to my creative ability.

We are all natural storytellers, from the time we are toddlers and this ability to tell stories becomes increasingly complex as we develop. We do this intuitively without pausing to consider the mechanics we apply in doing so. In general, we do not even think of our lives in terms of the stories we tell. Yet conveying our messages to others, and even recalling our own thoughts to ourselves is done through a process of storytelling.

Much about the world we live in has changed over the past 4 decades, and it seems the rate of change is accelerating. New threats such as global warming and deliberate misinformation are emerging into our daily lives as existential threats. These must be confronted and interpreted.

SYNTROPY is the opposing force for ENTROPY. Syntropy is a process by which order and organisation self distil out of chaos and confusion, whereas entropy is the reverse process whereby things decay and break down into chaos. We are often inclined to focus on entropic events when we recognise them and are inclined to see this as the way of all things. However, this clearly cannot be the case since if it was, where did integrated self-organized systems come from in the first place?

Given that destruction decay and chaos are not in fact foregone conclusions, what can we do to nurture Syntropy?

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Career Summary

I am currently collaborating on various digital media projects including animation, website design, self-publishing and video reportage.

Art and Photography

I studied life drawing and impressionist landscape painting at the Salisbury School of Art in Zimbabwe. In 1980 I moved to Cape Town and completed a diploma in photography in 1985 and 1986. Subsequently, I worked in a private ceramics studio exploring sculpture, using mainly the human figure as inspiration.

I formally started working as a photographer in 1988 and was fortunate to start freelancing for a film service management company soon after

The Healing Arts

I qualified as a State Registered Nurse in 1984 and continued to practise in a clinical setting until 1992. In 1986 the opportunity to study Industrial relations and Labour Law at University diverted me into administrative nursing roles. At that time I managed a Nursing Agency. Although I had intended to eventually study medicine, a near-fatal accident redirected my ambitions towards photography and the appreciation of Beauty. I continued working part-time In hospitals during the seasonal gaps between filming assignments.

Digital Imaging.

I have worked with Digital Imaging since its birth and have found my photographic darkroom experience to be a tremendous advantage. I also worked with non-linear video edit suits since before they became universally affordable in home computers. Keeping up to date with software and hardware tools is both exciting and rewarding.

Film Production

In 1988 I started my first assignment, freelancing in motion picture and film production. Between then and 2004 the various roles I have filled have included stills photography, location management, unit management and production management. Productions and assignments included fashion and glamour, stills, premium brand advertising and some feature films.


My working career includes a mix of skills that involve managing people and large accounts ethically and securely.

My professional qualifications and experience include;

  • Health Care as a state registered nurse (Groote Schuur Hosp)
  • Industrial Relations (Stellenbosh University Business School)
  • Human Resources Management (Home care management)
  • Programming and Digital Media Production, (AST Cape)
  • Premium Brand Marketing film and advertising
  • Commercial and Industrial Real Estate
  • Teaching business English to foreign language professionals

Life Motto

My motto has been, “Changing the way you see tomorrow” I hope the visual adventure of some of my work brings you some enjoyment. To view my showreel, which is not included on this website, please send your request via email.